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Hi! My name is Tirthak. It is a weird one, I know. Some day, in the near future, I plan on releasing a list of all the variations of my name I have heard (my personal favorite so far is ‘Tictac’). Anyway, I’m a technology enthusiast and wholesome geek. Early on in life, I wanted to be either an astronaut or a professional juggler. Question my choices, I dare you.

I never learned how to juggle but I did go on to conduct research under the NASA banner for small satellite systems. Eventually, however, I turned my attention to more earthly problems. Specifically the big question of our generation – Energy. I have decided to dedicate my career to assisting others in my industry in shaping a sustainable future for the world.

By day, I work as a ‘Grid Modernization Engineer‘ with American Electric Power, one of the nations largest electric utilities. I’m tasked with playing around with the latest Smart Grid technologies in an effort to find the ones that will help us make the aging Electric Grid in the Mid-West smarter, more reliable, more resilient, and ultimately more energy efficient. I work on a whole portfolio of initiatives such as Distribution Automation, Intelligent Line Sensors, Micro-grids, Aggregated Energy Storage, Renewable Energy and Grid related Augmented/Virtual Reality applications.

By night, I am a technologist, futurist, and an educator. One of my main passions is helping non-technical people get past the jargon-y barriers to entry and get access to the incredible world of Science and Technology. The innovations of today will affect everyone tomorrow. This blog – The Futurist Archives – aims to break down complex modern day innovations for the layperson in fun and relatable ways. This blog is not meant to be a platform to share my thoughts on some dystopian distant future, but rather the tomorrow that is shaping the policies and practices of today.

For more details on the topics that I intend to cover, please read the ‘Areas of Focus’ page. The overall aim is to involve all of my readers, both from tech and non-tech fields, in a community-wide discussion on the potential directions we, as a species on the cusp of a tectonic shift in philosophy, can take. Discuss, debate, opine and inform – tomorrow is here.


Unless explicitly stated, all views and opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not affiliated with any company or organization whatsoever.